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Originally from Bangladesh, Ifran is an experienced Freelancer based in New York, specializing in dynamic web design to optimize user experience on commercial websites.

Ifran is largely self-taught and has been coding since he was in high school. His real world expertise includes building static, dynamic and content management-based websites especially in WordPress as well as Cisco-based networking and Linux shell scripting. Beginning his education in 2010, whilst still enrolled in high school, Ifran began doing freelance programming work in 2011. Utilizing professional resources available from w3schools, NewHorizons and CSL-IT, Ifran has obtained proficiency certifications in numerous programming languages and platforms including: HTML5/CSS3, PHP/MySQL, WordPress, Linux shell scripting, Cisco Networking and Asterisk (IP PBX Telephony).

Ifran is currently attending Monroe College to pursue a degree in Computer Information System. His goals are to earn his undergraduate degree and attend a graduate program.



SEO Analyst

I help promote both offsite and onsite optimization, furthermore the interactions that build ranking, profile and traffic activity across all platforms and user experiences (websites, mobile, social, video, blogs, retail portals etc.) in an advanced way is something I am awesome at doing.


Rockstar Developer

I Design, Code and Develop Websites, from layout to function and according to a client’s requirement. Enthusiastic to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation experience.


Server Ninja

Playing with Linux commands, is my passion. I work with Servers to make sure they run effectively by running updates and executing new kind of script to monitor and maintain server activity as well as inspecting security issues. I also have a great experience working with Mail Servers, Storage Cluster, VPS Servers etc.


Enthusiastic Coder

Coding is something that I love doing as everything is about logic and imagination. I work with certain statements of problems and explanations with detailed diagrams and turn them into a program by coding so that the computer can read and execute them. Developing and writing programs to store, find and retrieve specific archives, data and information.

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