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Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ifran is a largely self-taught programmer and web developer who loves working out and playing soccer. Beginning his education in 2010, whilst still enrolled in high school, Ifran began doing freelance programming work in 2011. Utilizing professional resources available from w3schools, NewHorizons and CSL-IT, Ifran has obtained proficiency certifications in numerous programming languages and platforms including: HTML5/CSS3, PHP/MySQL, WordPress, RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Asterisk (IP PBX Telephony).

A professional web developer and server administrator since 2013, Ifran compiled a team of three developers in Bangladesh who share his passion for programming and business, eventually founding VoidWorks in 2014. Over the course of the next year and a half, VoidWorks has designed over 90 websites and handled business with over 100 clients.

Ifran is currently attending UNI as a first-year student majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business, and working on his Entrepreneurship Certification. His goals are to earn his undergraduate degree and attend a graduate program. While working towards these goals, Ifran plans to establish his business, VoidWorks, as a successful company in the United States.



SEO Ninja

I help promote both offsite and onsite optimization, furthermore the interactions that build ranking, profile and traffic activity across all platforms and user experiences (websites, mobile, social, video, blogs, retail portals etc.) in an advanced way is something I am awesome at doing.


Rockstar Web Developer

I Design, Code and Develop Websites, from layout to function and according to a client’s requirement. Enthusiastic to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation experience.


Kickass Server Administrator

Playing with Linux commands, is my passion. I work with Servers to make sure they run effectively by running updates and executing new kind of script to monitor and maintain server activity as well as inspecting security issues. I also have a great experience working with Mail Servers, Storage Cluster, VPS Servers etc.


Enthusiastic Coder

Coding is something that I love doing as everything is about logic and imagination. I work with certain statements of problems and explanations with detailed diagrams and turn them into a program by coding so that the computer can read and execute them. Developing and writing programs to store, find and retrieve specific archives, data and information.

Work Process








HTML Certified

CSS Certified

PHP Training from New Horizons

eCommerce Training from New Horizons

Certified Ethical Hacker

WordPress Training from New Horizons

RedHat Linux Certified

CCNA Certified



Jan, 2016 – Present

Web Developer & IT

Instructional Resources & Technology Services (IRTS)
  • Assist in maintaining College of Education web page.
  • Assist with programming issues and redesigning sites in Drupal, using Drupal code, CSS and PHP.
  • Works directly with College of Education faculty and staff to solve problems with website functions.
  • Reports directly to IRTS Director.
  • Also works directly with the Information Technology Specialist (ITS) to provide assistance in the installation of hardware and software and helps assure proper operation of personal computers, peripheral equipment and network system.
  • Provides support for faculty, staff and students in the COE as well as performs related duties as directed.
Website: http://www.uni.edu/coe/irtsweb/

Sep, 2015 – Dec, 2015

UI/UX Intern

4Axiz USA, LLC
  • Design, develop and maintain website for a Startup Company.
  • Implement SEO and other web tools for engaging more traffic to the website.
Website: http://www.4axizusa.com

Sep, 2015 – Jan, 2016

Web Developer

Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC)
  • Manage and maintain their website, or other things related to Web Programming.
  • Help them develop some website for their clients as well.
Website: http://www.iwrc.org

Mar, 2015 – Oct, 2015

Web & Server Admin

  • Manage their website, regular content updates and integration with custom plugins.
  • Maintain their Linux based server, so that the web hosting service remains uninterrupted.
Website: http://www.always200.com

Jan, 2014 – Present


VoidWorks LLC
  • Project management as a Team Leader.
  • Website design and development in latest Web Technologies such as WordPress, Drupal etc.
  • Custom/open-source software design and development such as IT Management, ERP software etc.
  • Deploying servers and also managing it, such as VPS and cloud solutions based on Linux.
Website: https://www.void-works.com

Jan, 2013 – Present

Remote Front End Web Developer

Noteware Digital Solutions
  • Works in hourly or fixed contract depending on project requirements and deadline.
  • Helps develop websites in HTML5/CSS3 and Bootstrap based.
  • Creates website in Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Asp.net, Drupal and other platforms.
Website: https://www.notewaredigital.com

Feb, 2012 – Oct, 2015

Core Developer & Server Administration

DOT Internet
  • Developing and maintaining Company official website along with other web applications.
  • Helping them in developing and maintaining their helpdesk and accounting software.
  • Assist them in Torrent server deployment and maintenance.
  • Running streaming media server and updating contents regularly with the help of regular users.
  • Organizing complete FTP upload system so that users can also upload multimedia files.
  • Manage their online social media sites.
  • Dedicatedly updating the Forum with the latest news and bug fixes.
Website: http://www.dotinternetbd.com


Jan, 2016 – Present


Tech-Startup (Student Organization)- University of Northern Iowa
  • Computer Tutor – Instruct students about the basics of Computers.
  • Trainer – Teaching further core concepts of computer which is little of programming and website language.
Website: http://www.uhef.com.bd

Apr, 2015 – Aug, 2015

Web Developer

Bangladesh Youth Empowerment Society (BYES)
  • Renovate the website of BYES with new design and set up within the give Timeline.
  • Update the website regularly under the instruction and supervision of the Executive Head/Deputy Executive Head/Social Media & Communications Lead of BYES.
  • Assist in any other task upon the instruction of Executive Head/Deputy Executive Head.
  • Participate in the events of BYES regularly.
Website: http://www.byesbd.org

Dec, 2014 – Mar, 2015

IT Trainer

Universal Health & Education Foundation (UHEF)
  • Computer Tutor – Instruct students about the basics of Computers.
  • Trainer – Teaching further core concepts of computer which is little of programming and website language.
Website: http://www.uhef.com.bd


Aug, 2015 – May, 2019

Bachelors in Computer Science

University of Northern Iowa (UNI)

I am currently attending UNI as a first-year student majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business, which is Entrepreneurship Certification. My goal is to earn my undergraduate degree and attend a graduate program. While working towards these goals, my plan is to establish my business, VoidWorks, as a successful company in the United States.

Jan, 2015 – Jun, 2015

Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering

Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)

Transferred to University of Northern Iowa (UNI)

Mar, 2014 – Dec, 2014

General Education Development (GED)

IT Bangla

Certification of American or Canadian high school-level standard academic diploma.

Sep, 2013 – Dec, 2013



Certification for an international standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

May, 2000 – Jan, 2011

High School

Maple Leaf International School

An English medium school under the British Curriculum GCE and IGCSE.

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Web Programming Skills









Design Skills


Edge Code

Edge Reflow

PhoneGap Build






BYES is a non-profit organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Web Hosting Company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Noteware Digital Solutions

Digital Marketing Company based in San Diego, California, which provides integrated solutions.


Nationtech – PMS Software

Custom Management and Data Entry Software for Optical Fiber Cable Management and Deploying.


Maid in Raleigh

Maid in Raleigh is an affordable home cleaning service in Raleigh, New York.


Mehedi Haque

Cartoonist and Comic Book Artist in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Coal Bangladesh

Sister Concern of T&C Group based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


T&C Group Bangladesh

Known as Taha & Companies Group based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


DOT Internet – Live TV Landing Page

Landing Page for Live TV Server through Adobe Encoding and Broadcasting Service.


DOT Internet – FTP Web Application

Web Application for FTP files powered by WordPress


DOT Internet – Invoice Software

Invoicing Software which generated texts in a PDF format and sends email in 1 click to client's email.


DOT Internet – CMS Software

Client Management Software with certain user roles and ticketing based on Linux.


DOT Internet

Broadband Internet Service Provider based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Sunny Eyebrow Threading Salon

Eyebrow threading salon based in Bronx, New York.


Blog page content.



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